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Response to Prompt 1



Intrinsic value is critical to the continued preservation of nature by humans. However, we are unable to really define “intrinsic value”.  Values are dependent of personal beliefs, experiences. Values cannot be objectively measured and/or quantified.  To create a collective value we need to make ethic judgments that are coming from our states values, we need to collaborate with one another, to come to some form of inter subjective agreements on how to deal with the issue of preservation of nature.  Value therefore plays the central role for resolution towards the environmental issues we face. We can all agree that humans have instrumental values towards nature, but we don’t all have intrinsic value.  The critical importance to intrinsic value relies on the fact that intrinsic value parallels to moral values and principles.  To have intrinsic value towards the preservation of nature, means that there are feelings of moral obligations for the environment.  Humans should have moral obligations to preserve our environment. Nature is the proponent to human life. 

Technology is pushing humans away from nature.  Technology is doing this because with the advancements of technology in our times, humans are unaware of the appreciation of their physiological needs through nature. Nature becomes an environment when it is combined with society.  Humans use an environment to gather physiological pleasure through things such as food, water, shelter, shade, etc. Humans also use technology for pleasure in ways that are not needed to survive, although they feel as if they can’t survive without materialistic things, such as cell phones, video games, laptops etc.  The pleasure of technology is more open to the human eye, where as nature is no longer noticed as much as it may have been before technological advancements.  In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, WIFI was recently added, which depicts humans unable to live without internet. Food, water, sex, and WIFI, are needed to live? Our world is stretching so far from nature, the issue is we will not realize it until, we are catastrophically effected by it.

 Longterm effects of more extreme separation between technology and nature, which we have recently just read in the EC on Biodiversity, is initially destroying nature, until humans are unable to even be alive.