Last round, response to climate change


While it may be obvious to most that humans are responsible for widespread
environmental degradation, some still deny this. I think the first and most
important step in stopping environmental degradation and climate change is
admitting our wrong doings. If the major polluters and habitat destroyers
continue to do what they do in the name of progress and growth then our
environmental issues will only compound until people are forced to realize that
when we hurt the environment, we are also inflicting harm on ourselves. I do
not think it is as important, necessarily that people feel guilty about their
wrongdoings so much as they change their behaviours.  I would have to agree the best way to do this is transitioning to a society that is smaller scaled in structure, and that
promotes diversity and sustainability. I think it would be feasible for our
federal government to allow for smaller municipalities (counties, cities, etc)
to make their own decisions on land and resource use/management in order to
foster sustainability. Who better to make the decisions about land and resource
use than the local people living around them that have knowledge of the areas?
I think life outside of big businesses and big government that we have become
accustomed too is more than feasible, but until they are broken down, reform
must be utilized to work within the confines of the system and evoke positive
change. If environmental legislation doesn’t begin curbing climate change soon,
it may be too late.


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  1. You bring up a couple good points. I agree that the major issue seems to be a lack of participation and how that effects how we see the problem. When we aren’t directly involved we ignore the issue but the truth is that we are all involved in some way. Making local politics more important can definitely help this problem the only problem is wether these local groups will be making the best choices for the planet as a whole or wether they only care about their own space. For it to succeed they have to take more than just themselves into consideration and this may need to be regulated in some way.

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