Serena Scott Blog #5


Response to prompt 3: Social and population


As the human population grows space becomes scarce. Not every society gets to live like Americans, sprawled out with huge houses and yards. Our way of life in the USA is in fact rare. In countries like Japan or China a majority of citizens live in close quarters often living in apartments or condos. I believe that the first step for social sustainability is social benefits such as social security, universal healthcare and universal childcare like that of European countries. I believe a well maintained balanced budget is necessary but unrealistic. I believe that another way for social sustainability is well paying government jobs, availability to education and affordable colleges. In order to have social sustainability citizens must be happy, with this being said it is important to have public parks, well-maintained conservation land and protected natural land. I also believe that basic fundamental things such as how to do taxes, how to pay bills, how to build credit and how to properly invest should be taught in high school. I believe all these will make more well-rounded, better-educated and happier citizens.


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