Response to Prompt 1: Peace


At first I was curious at the notion that warfare leads to environmental degradation but the longer I thought about it the more it began to make sense.  Nearly everything our country does is because other countries are doing it, or might be trying to do it and we want to be first and we want to be the best.  I think this emphasis on consumerism, technology, military, defense, etc, to always be the best causes a competitive foundation underneath any relationship.  Thus, I find that I have to agree most with the idea that warfare leads to environmental degradation.  I found “Remembering the Future” interesting because I wouldn’t have thought forgiveness and compromise would be used to create peace.  I believe that it is indeed the recognition of interconnectedness that leads to the greatest peace and further, the greatest awareness of said peace.  While I would have liked to see Ausubel go more in depth on the topic I still think he addresses it fairly accurately.  Moreover, I agree with Saleem Ali that peace and conservation go hand-in-hand.  I think that designing a common goal can most definitely act as a tool to ultimately promote peace.  Peace plays a significant role in saving the environment; but I would suggest an integration of all the methods.  Any one method would be far too extreme but a combination of all would advance cooperation, peace, and betterment of the environment.


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  1. I think this shows kind of an interesting relation with competition between countries, like you mention, and the view that many environmental problems are caused by the flaws in our capitalistic system like we’ve been discussing all semester. Competition is central to capitalism, and it seems the same problems scale up to the international level.

  2. I find it very interesting that reading Ausbel caused you to change your mind multiple times. It makes me wonder if others who are not interested in environmental issues would change their minds and decide to help the environment if they read Ausbel’s “Dreaming the Future.” I agree with your belief that industrial warfare leads to environmental degradation because this is constantly happening in our world between different nations. I also agree with the idea that interconnectedness plays a vital role in establishing peace. I believe more people should recognize this interconnectedness so that they can develop feelings of empathy for others and for nature. I believe this will decrease violence and environmental degradation simultaneously in our world.

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