Response to Blog Prompt: Water Scarcity





Water is by far the most vital resource for mankind. Although it is widely known that without water there is not life the disparities in how people view and treat water is astonishing. In developed nations the thought of water shortages most likely never crosses their mind while in developing nations it is a constant worry as to where their water will come from. Many developing nations still have high infant mortality rates and the majority of these deaths are caused from dysentery, a disease caused by dehydration. The sharp contrasts between how rich and poor nations view water must be targeted and remedied before any improvements to water treatment can be successfully implemented.

People in developed nations have to come to the realization that there is only a limited amount of fresh water in the world and humans and other creatures need it to survive. Developed nations have become fat and lazy and are blinded to this one truth. Our wasteful lifestyle that we have accommodated ourselves to allows for the perpetuation of improper worldviews and as a byproduct improper treatment of the world around us. Laws are definitely necessary in order to address water scarcity issues, however for me the question remains what comes first? Changes in worldview or policies.

Activities that unnecessarily employ vast amounts of water, such as fracking which can completely remove water from the water cycle, should be eliminated. Regions should be growing crops that are adjusted for surviving in the conditions of the region. The Green Revolution, which had a laudable goal, was foolish because it forced people to grow foods that required large amounts of water in an arid region. To tackle water scarcity there is no large scale solution you must approach each nation differently and each region within each nation differently.


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