Blog Response: Water Scarcity


         I believe that there is no one solution to solving the world’s water problems. It will take people from all walks of life working together to make sure that everyone has clean water to drink and meet their needs with. Policy makers should follow one basic rule when making decisions on water policy; they need to always make decisions based on the human and environmental need for water, not the economic need. I think that laws should definitely be passed to enforce more sustainable farming practices. There are some simple things that farmers can do to make their operation more sustainable and water efficient. This includes drip irrigation and strategically planting crops that are not water intensive. I think that being more sustainable is a logical and economically sound decision for farmers to make. Should farmers make this decision on their own, the government should enforce stricter sustainable farming regulations.  Farmers are not the only people that can reduce their water consumption. We, as consumers and citizens can easily reduce our impact on the water supply. Homeowners can take responsibility for their front yards by planting native, Florida-friendly landscaping instead of water intensive grasses. Furthermore, we can limit our consumption of water-intensive food. For instance, corn and beef require copious amounts of water to produce. By avoiding these foods, one would decrease the demand for them and decrease their personal water footprint. New technology can also help ease the pain of water shortages in developing countries. For example, the invention of a no flush toilet would help solve the sanitation as well as water shortage issues in developing countries.  


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  1. The grassroots nature of your argument is highly prevalent and it comes with a positive agenda. While I agree that such an approach is where change through positive attention begins, it seems to be overly idealistic. For immediate action to occur, either engineers or techincal experts need to find a way to transfer water and use water resources more efficiently. Educating and gaining momentum is how change will occur permanently, but it will take time to alter the normal consumption of water. People who need water today in order to survive to see tomorrow need a steady water supply now, and such resources may require direct manipulation either through law or techincal application.

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