Blog Response to Water Scarcity


In regards to solving the world’s water needs, I believe that technology can help clean polluted water and help create a more efficient mode of clean water transportation to impoverished countries. However, I don’t think the answer to solving the world’s water needs lies solely in technology because technology cannot create new water. In fact, nothing can create new water supplies, for all matter cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, the supply of water that is on Earth is fixed and finite. Therefore, instead of asking, what are the solutions to supplying enough water for people’s needs? a better question to ask is: what is the most effective solution to cleaning up our supply of water so that a larger percentage of the water is available for people to use? I do think that the approach to tackling the water crisis is different for developing nations versus developed nations. In developing nations, the majority of people are concerned with the cleanliness of the water supply that they have and having enough of that water supply in order to survive. In developed nations, the majority of people are concerned with having enough of the water supply in order to satisfy their material needs such as bathing and washing in addition to the ultimate basic need of drinking. In developed nations the majority of people use water in ways that extend beyond their need to survive. Furthermore, people in developed nations tend to waste a large amount of water, leaving very little water left for the people in developing nations to use. I believe it would be effective to enact laws that limit the consumption of a person’s water use, require more sustainable farming practices, and protect water quality. I believe this way because the enactment of these laws would ensure that the people that really need clean water the most for basic survival would get it because this source of clean water would be protected under federal governments.


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