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Water is the source of life and has been the foundation of humanity’s development throughout our years on this planet. Water shortages represent a concern that a government must face and be made its primary concern. Water is a basic need that is taken for granted and abused by most industrialized society. Today we face major global catastrophes, whether they are environmental, economical, or anthropocentric disasters. Water shortage is but one of the many problems that has come to light due to a rise in our global catastrophe’s. It is too late to solve or have any immediate solution to water shortage, because put simply this minor basic need issue stems from other much larger issues created by humanity. The answer really lies in how we change the social contingencies that have reinforced the behavior of overusing water and viewing this elixir of life with disrespect.


Industrialized societies will view water as just another commodity where they can dump their waste and not think twice about the effects it will have in the future. If we are to have some hope in our future and to mitigate the issue with water shortages we must move toward stricter laws that change the behavior of abusing water. Stricter Laws combined with technology can move us toward a brighter future. We have the power to make a change through education and taking more collective action in our government to make a change in what is in place now. The hope lies in us loosening the grip corporations have on the governments that represent us the proletariat class.


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  1. It is amazing how dire the water shortage situation is and we know that it is happening, however we are doing very little to do anything about it. I know I am guilty of using more water than necessary not to mention the products I use and food that I eat. People just believe that we will come up with a solution to change salt water to fresh, however this is only the anthropocentric view of the problem. Many other animals and systems rely on underwater reserves and other water stocks that we are drying up one by one. I agree with you that water shortage can be seen as either anthropocentric, economical or environmental problem because that is how engrained and essential water is to every part of our life. I hope we realize some solutions soon to stop wasting water and realize its’ importance to all living things.

  2. I understand your claims on the water shortage issue and I agree with most of them however i have a question. do we start with education or do we even have time to change worldviews? if we don’t how strict can we make laws before we start encroaching human rights. If we loosen the grip corporations have on the government is that just going to allow the government to tighten its grip on the people.
    Water is a limited resource, yes it is renewable but that doesn’t mean it’s abundant. It doesn’t matter how much we improve our treatment of water if our population continues to grow at this rate ‘water scarcity’ issues will be exacerbated and continue to persist.

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