Blog Response to Social Ecology


       I do think that a severe between humans relationship with nature is possible, however I do not think that is the way we as a species are heading. In order for a separation it would need to be extreme disconnect and even still the processes that exchange nutrients and gases still interact with the environment. Rather, I feel that humans are trying to go in a direction of coexistence and sustainability because we realize our deep roots in our surroundings. This is interesting when considering our consumer society because consumerism and sustainability do not coincide. Consumerism became so engrained in our capitalist society after the world wars that it may be possible to replace them with another way of life. Some of people who work in the production portion of our society would need to find jobs that does not entail creating new products every six months. It would be a shift in every aspect of American society.

        Capitalism is a system of survival of the fittest in businesses and the way businesses survive is if people buy things. That is why I do not think it is possible to have capitalism in a perfectly sustainable way. I do believe however that spirituality including Christianity and Judaism can be sustainable. Some of  the ideas need to be adapted to modern times. The base ideas of caring for others and the planet are implanted in the writings they just need to be emphasized. In order to have an ideal society, I do not think monetary values can exists and everyone needs to share so that everyone has what they need. This is not ideal to some people and sounds like communism so it is difficult to envision a perfect society because that will probably never exist as someone will always be left unhappy. 


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