Week 9 Prompt 1


I believe that there is a significant role played by human emotions when defining if something has life or not in determining animal rights.  The process needs to account for all physical and emotional harm done to the animal when determining rules and regulations for animal rights, however I believe the largest factor is the human ability for compassion and justice, which animals do not have.  When determining animal rights, humans come up with the legislation that gets passed into law, not animals.  Humans are the activists for the animals and we are define what rules we have to follow for the sake of all animals.  I believe that our system should be a tiered system with animals that have the most feeling and least compatibility to humans at the top, and animals with the least amount of feeling and most compatibility to humans at the bottom.  From there we are able to differentiate which animals we want to use for testing and which animals we would not.  The value on this system allows us as humans to get the most out of the animals that will be in the least amount of pain.  It is my belief that animals are for human’s benefit, especially as we are atop the food chain, and we can learn from testing we do on animals.  While this may not all be moral or just,  I believe that a human’s life is more valuable than an animal.


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  1. I disagree with the majority of your post but I’m going to focus on the statement that animals do not have compassion or justice. I honestly cannot state with certainty that animals have or understand the idea of justice, it is scientifically proven that at least some animals have compassion. Elephants have been shown to feel a range of emotions on a comparable level with humans http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/unforgettable/emotions.html. It is not known how many other animals feel emotions this deeply, but we cannot rule out the possibility that they do. And since they do, how does this change your view of what separates humans from animals? Does it change your view? If it does, does your view of animal testing change?

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