Blog 5 Prompt 2


The attitude towards nature constantly changes with the state of affairs and how we as a society and global community need to develop.  I believe that adapting the view stated by McGaa would not solve the major problems such a deforestation, population control, and pollution but help us to better understand how we can move forward from these issues and create a practical solution to help all of humanity.  The Native American tradition dictates that we are on the same level as Mother Nature and share all of the same values and same space, which is not the case as you can see over human evolution and time has taken place.  I believe that McGaa’s argument for the moral respect of nature including “A belief system, an ultimate moral attitude, and a set of rules of duty and standards of character,” needs to be implemented before any major change can occur.  When ethics are involved it is important to note that each person has their won view on ethics and their own belief system, however the common ground between everyone’s different views is where progress is made.  The environment needs to last forever and for the future generations to be plighted because of our mistakes is unfair on all of society, especially us who believe that the environment is ours to use. 


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