Response to Social Sustainability Prompt 3


One of the most important ways to ensure social sustainability is to improve social problems. By that I mean improving overall quality of life for people. This includes moving further away from patriarchal ways of thinking, caring for our people rather than allowing this political and financial polarization to take place, treating corporations like people, etc. I strongly believe that development starts with the positive treatment of people, not trying to suck everything you can from them.  As far as the population goes, I don’t really see a possible solution. At this point our population will continue to be ever growing and I think it’s too late to reverse what’s happened.

However, I do think we might have a chance at slowing it. Already we see contraceptives are easily accessible, but I don’t think that’s enough. I think we need to enforce sex education as much as possible in schools, and even universities. I think this will mildly help to slow population growth. Overall, the betterment of our world will stem the treatment of our people, and especially how they are educated.


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  1. I agree that we need to focus on the people and move away from “everything we can from them,” however I do not see how we are going to have more development or more programs for the people if they are not willing to work for the greater good of humanity. We constantly address the idea of how far is too far, and I believe that relying on the government or social programs to help the people is too far. People need to work for what they want and will be given the opportunity to do so if they choose.

    Contraception is another issue all together that cannot be tackled without the help of the global community. We as Americans have the most access to education, resources, and soap boxes to present our platforms from. You are correct that education is the key to many problems, however I believe that hard work goes hand in hand with education and that will make the difference for future generations.

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