Social Ecology B


When Brookchin talks about addressing the “economic, ethnic, cultural, and gender conflicts” as a way to fight ecological problems, I believe he is correct. Even though many of us would not want it to be this way, it is not possible to address environmental issues without first dealing with social ones. 

The implementation of what I consider the main point o  Brookchin’s social ecology, a more direct form of democracy, or a more radical democracy, on a large scale would definitely change the world. But knowing what would result of the world that comes from that is hard to tell. Many people tend to believe that if power were more decentralized many of the problems we have today would be dealt with, if cities had the power to fight big business they would do so, and if citizens were in direct control of their government they would do what is right, but I am not sure I believe this. If every community tried their own way, most of them would fail, and fail miserably. With that said, I’m a believer in decentralization, and I believe we need a lot of it in this country. 


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