Response: Blog Prompt – Social Ecology B


This is an interesting question on the climate change topic. When I read Bookchin, I found the arguments presented fairly compelling, and I agreed with most of them. However, I am not sure if the suggested methods would be able to sway the opinions of those who are still not convinced that anthropogenic climate change exists, at least, not the ones in this generation.

                I think that all of the suggestions Bookchin makes would change our society in a way that would indeed influence more people to be more concerned with climate change; however I think the issue would be that it would not change those whose minds were already made up. These things would very certainly influence the minds of children growing up in the world of social ecology, however the problem with implementing social ecology, as it is with any social change, is that it will take time. Those with their views already made up on climate change are extremely unlikely to change their view. Climate change is an issue which desperately needs action as soon as possible, because the actions we take now have can have a much greater effect than actions we take even a few years or decades down the line. We are already locked into a certain amount of overall temperature rise and sea level increase due to the carbon that has already been emitted, the sooner we act to reduce emissions the sooner we can concentrate on dealing with the effects.

                For these reasons I do not think Social Ecology is the best approach to change the public’s viewpoint on climate change, but that is not to say that it should not be pursued.  Social Ecology has the potential to change the way many environmental problems are faced, and could prove to be very useful if it were successfully implemented.


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