Social Sustainability


The growing world population is one of the major issues when considering how to create an environment and communities where people can live in a sustainable manner and take away less then they are giving to the environment.  A couple of the best ways to ensure social sustainability are to plan for the future, increase awareness, create programs for long term sustainability.  First, creating a plan for the future includes conversations with leading experts in the field such as David Orr, one of the leading researchers and professors at Oberlin College on sustainable development.  Conversations with Orr and his colleagues would allow for plans to be laid out and challenges such as The Oberlin Project, a complete integrates education, agriculture, renewable energy, economic revitalization, green building, policy and law, and community development, to be created for more communities all over the world.  This long term sustainability creates standards for new communities that hope to be developed, especially in countries with lower building and construction standards, such as Tokyo.  We as the generation with the most technology and ability to create need to think about the future generations and how we can set them up for the future with solutions, not problems such as the ones we have created with our waste and buildings.  The world’s population will continue to grow and I believe that the only way to help the future generations is through programs such as the Oberlin Project.


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