Serena Scott response to prompt #2


“This week we discussed animal rights and the conditions in which we treat animals that we eat.  We saw many different examples from thousands of chickens kept in stacking storage towers, free roaming pigs, and the comical Portlandia restaurant patrons visiting the chicken they were about to eat.  At cost do you think we are going to far or is there more we can do?  How should we treat the animals and plants that we eat, and should there be a minimum standard for how these plants and animals are treated?”


I believe there is more for us to do as a species that relies on the lives of other species for food. I believe Organic and sustainable farming should be the way of the future, rather than factory farming. If more people eat local it will be helping local farmers, the local economy and will be beneficial for both the environment and the health of the human consumers. We should treat the plants and animals we eat with respect, the animals should have the best possible life. We also have to think about that fact that these plants and animals are going to be going into our bodies. Wouldn’t you rather have food from a farm where you know the owners and where no chemicals and pesticides were added?

Yes, I do believe there should be a minimum standard. It should consist of laws stating the way animals are treated on the farms, what they are fed and how they should be slaughtered. Large animals should have time everyday to roam free in fields. Chickens should not be crammed to capacity in tiny cages stacked one on another. Cows should not have their utters hooked up to a machine for more than a healthy amount per day.  I also believe that each package of meat should tell you what state the meat came from and the name of the farm. I also believe that the use of growth hormones that are detrimental to both the livestock and humans should be illegal.



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