Response to Round 8 and 9 Prompt 1: Feminism as a solution to over population


I believe that population growth is a serious issue we are facing today and it needs to be made a propriety to control it. By increasing the amount of education to woman in developing countries, there has already been a decrease in the birth rates. In addition to decreasing the amount of birth rates, there has been a rise in the status of woman around the world. I think this rise is positive and will help decrease the birth rates around the world. By increasing the status of a woman, she is more likely to get a job. With the additional work, there is less time to take care of a family. I think by increasing the status of a woman her priorities change from only being able to raise a family to a whole new world, the work force. I believe the lower birth rates are a combination between equality in the sexes and the quality of life has increased. As the quality of life increases for woman, there is a natural increase in the equality of the sexes. With more education, woman are empowered and are available to more opportunities. 

Having a policy limiting the amount of children a family can have seems logical, but in my opinion isn’t the best solution. Putting a cap on the amount of children a woman can bare takes away from the rights she has as a woman. There is a reason men and women are different and putting a policy on the amount of children affects a woman more than a man. If we start taking away the rights of how many children a woman can have, what are we going to do next? Allow for murder? 


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  1. I agree that women’s education plays a big role in decreasing population growth. We see this happening in countries in Africa as well as India, but we also see it in the developed country Japan. Women are prioritizing work over having a family, and some never intend to have children at all. While this is somewhat troubling (especially with regard to their economy), I think this is much less of a problem than global overpopulation. Women’s education is also important when considering contraceptives. Their increased status will empower them to choose how many children they want, but the only way to do this is abstinence if they do not have access to or knowledge of contraceptives.

    Population control policies do seem a little extreme, but I think the problem of overpopulation is more extreme than people realize. Especially in developed countries, it is hard to see its effects, but they are (in some places) deadly. If rapid growth countries do not control their populations soon, a limiting policy may be necessary.

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