Response to First and Third World


In your prompt you ask the question of what changes we would make to the CDQ program in order to make it more effective, when reviewing the general information in the CDQ program website, I came to the conclusion that there are several changes that could be made, but I would be a full to say if any would work better than the current system.

First; the idea of giving local communities a quota, on what has always been their resource, and giving the rest to non-local entities is flawed, I am a firm believer in local management of resources, and believe that the local communities should be allowed to manage the totality of their resources, not just a quota of them.

However, I do know that a change of this scale would be radical, and hard to implement. So I would also support the idea of increasing the quotas of each community, slowly and over time. Furthermore, I am not the biggest fan of communities leasing their catch rights to industry, I believe that other communities should have preferential rights over the quotas that are offered for lease. Also, the current industry should be taxed, and those revenues invested in the local communities, allowing for the development of local industry.

With respect to connecting communities to the market as a way of helping them escape poverty, and generating opportunity, I am not sure how I feel on the subject. We are increasingly a globalized society, and I am not sure that is a bad thing, however, communities, states and countries should be allowed to enter into the market freely, and however they consider appropriate to do so. They should enter under their terms, not under anyone else, and they should be able to invest, tax, and produce what they see fit, and not what others ask of them.


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