Response to Homo Economicus


I do not think we need to create a value system where goods and well beings are completely separate. I just think we need to rely a lot less on Capitalism, Commercialism, and production. Capitalism is not wholly bad. Capitalism is one of the things that make the United States so great and makes us a SuperPower amongst other world powers. Without it, we endanger ourselves to other nations by making ourselves vulnerable; giving up our strongest trait.

I think what the blog prompt brought up about collaborative consumption is the perfect example of the direction we need to be moving in order to sustain the economy and environment. This solution obviously will not let the economy grow whenever it wants, or when it wants to seek other profit margins; but we must go into this idea with the mindset that some things have to give in order to improve in other areas. Our environmental condition must improve; thus the economy will have to give.

In Collaborative Consumption we see an alternative lifestyle, instead of buying a brand new good every time a person wants something. He/she would instead borrow someone else’s good that either does not want it, or even might be on the verge on potentially throwing it out. In this way, we are preserving our resources and still have the utility of having luxurious items that we had through capitalism.

This will not be an overnight change; it would obviously take a huge amount of adjustment time. For it alters the entire foundation of economic America. Like I said above if we want bad enough to improve one thing we have to let something else give. In order to save our world, we need to let our economy struggle for a little bit. In my belief with programs like the Collaborative Consumption our economy and our standards of living would balance out over time.



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