Population growth-Feminism-Round 8 and 9


As is has been said, education brings about a great deal for women in relation to declining birth rates and I absolutely agree with this notion. However, as I have learned in my women studies courses, education is indeed helpful but not enough for the developing of women, especially in developing countries where their political structure isn’t the strongest. The equality of women and respect for women overall need to be increased, but sometimes various cultures do not allow for this, so the problem remains. When it comes to birth rates and their decline due to education levels being increased the explanation is a simple one.  When women are more educated (and in turn more liberated) they begin to have the power of personal thought and personal liberation. When met with this combination, women start to question their position in their culture politically, economically, and socially. This is when they gather the confidence to fight oppression. They also learn more about sexually transmitted diseases and the harms of having too many children in a developing country (monetarily especially), so are more inclined to limit the amount of children they have to very little or none.

So in result, a combination of female liberation meshed with an education on personal health is what contributes to women having less children. As far as a child law, it does indeed violate human rights, and as we all know the law placed in china didn’t pan out very well. As for your last question, I believe the birth rate decline is due to a combination of the standard of living and the education of women and this combination is such a vital one. We must push for this if we truly care about limiting the population. 


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