Response to Animal Rights and Speciesism


When it comes to animal rights, I do not think that animals should be forced to live in deplorable conditions just so that humans can to the local fast food restaurant to get a burger for less than a dollar. However I do not think that animals need to be treated luxuriously either. I think that giving animals the ability to stand and walk around while we are fatting them up for consumption is the least we could do as humans. This would be beneficial for both the animals and for humans sanitation worries. Experimentation on animals can be a tricky subject because it is cruel to subject these animals to this torture in order to find what products work the best. However I believe there have been many medical breakthroughs that have been made possible due to the use of lab rats and other animals. Most of those rats are made in a lab so it is hard to define if they should get the same rights even though they would not exist without the purpose of experimentation. Also I still believe human lives are valued higher than animals because that is what I value, so medical research to save lives is well worth the lives of rats. However animals shouldn’t be put through pain just to see what hairspray works best.

It is also important to think about those animals who we do not use in a largely utilization basis. There are also those animals whose habitat we are destroying in order to make more suburbs and factories. Their rights to their habitats where their species has adapted to live in should be taken into account. I do believe speciesism is a real thing but I do not believe that it is necessarily bad as long as it is used in moderation. Human survival is different than destroying the rain forest so that you can build a third house. There needs to be societal shift in thinking so that we may include what is best for the environment when making our decisions in the future. There should be no wasteful and reckless killing of animals who are not in our species. Whether treating animals poorly translates to treating humans poorly has yet to be determined. While I’m sure all those who treat humans poorly most likely treat animals poorly as well I do not believe that it necessarily works in the reverse. 


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  1. I appreciate the fact that you have left your own opinion without holding back amongst a class that may think otherwise. It’s easy to state that one believes animals should have equal consideration and then be hypocritical about it. Although difficult to confront, I still believe that our views on animals and nature need to be altered. Just the statement “while we are fattening them up for consumption” over-objectifies them. It shows how little respect our society has placed on the well-being of animals.

    While to some extent, our species must look out for itself, our entire existence should not be centered around this domination. How can you quantify “speciesism being used in moderation”? I agree that the first step to a change would be to lower our consumption and overly-lavish living styles, but I don’t think that that’s all we as humans need to do. Yes, “testing hairspray” on animals is wrong, but so is our entire relationship with them. I hope to adopt a lifestyle that will show more respect to other living creatures and I hope that you are not satisfied with minor changes.

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