1 Prompt: Feminism as a solution to overpopulation


People in general often lead meaningless lives and think that a child will give their lives meaning. I see this is as a reflection of the natural trait of selfishness. Humans will use children as a form of entertainment. An increase in quality of life provides people with more opportunities to distract themselves. A higher education explains to people why an abundant number of children is bad for the environment and inspires them to focus on their careers. “For Japanese women today, marriage is the grave of their hard-won careers.” Improved health care allows for the reduction of child births since there is a lower infant mortality rate. A significant factor in decreasing the birth rates by creating gender equality is that there would be less rape and unwanted pregnancies. In some cultures it is not considered wrong to have sex with your wife even if she is unwilling. “Sexual harassment of Mongolian women is a widespread problem exacerbated by traditional attitudes and the risk of unemployment.

China’s one-child policy is great in the sense that they did what many people wish they could do. Due to the selfishness of people, it is difficult to find a way to lower the population without infringing on women’s rights. Consider the fact that in China if you have enough money, you can have more than one child. This policy appears to be protecting the future children because it means they will not have to live a life of poverty. Paying for diapers and food for one child is nowhere near as expensive as paying for five children. This is similar to some of the debates regarding abortion. You can’t tell a woman what to do with her body but you also can’t murder a baby. Even if the human population does end up dying off, I suppose that it is better than infringing on human rights.


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  1. I think it is a bit harsh to say that many people lead meaningless lives and that is the reason they have children- to give them “entertainment” and purpose. In some cultures, women are already expected to be mothers and homemakers and are valued simply for that. Some women are restrained from their cultural traditions from getting an education, and some do not have access to an education because they cannot afford it. Sure, one could find the means to begin schooling, but it must be difficult having limited work opportunities (which probably pay only the bare minimum without a degree) and still try to afford the basic means of living PLUS an education.
    I think that an education gives a woman more opportunities and a fuller life, which is why educated women tend to have less children. Women that do not have an education have limited career choices they can choose from that pay well and can help them get ahead, since many jobs now require a degree.
    However, I do agree with you that something like China’s policy is much needed. Although it undoubtedly is an infringement on our basic human rights, we must realize that some freedoms must be given up so we can obtain the freedom of knowing that we are not in a growing, global environmental crisis because of our population growth. We must begin to consider our actions (including childbirth) from a sustainable standpoint.

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