Round 7 Blog-Response to Japan, religion, industrialization


To answer the first question, I do not think it is technological advances and economics alone that have contributed to environmental degradation, but rather the speed at which these two factors have blossomed all over the developed and developing world. Then of course, we must add in rapid human population growth that has stemmed from technological improvements in machinery and medicine. I think industrialization is sort of acting like a snowball effect in many parts of the world. It starts off minimal and successful, but then because of all the advances people populate faster and live longer, making sustaining the population more and more demanding and strenuous.  I think India (in certain parts) may be able to be an example of that, but Japan would definitely be my number one answer to your second question. For your third, I do not think placing efforts away from economic well being will do anything at this point, because I think there is no reversing the damage we have done. However, I do think technology now has the power to help the environment instead of hurt. I think that is something we should be striving for-using technology and economics to better our situation and find more, less polluting, resources to power our everyday needs on top of altering our lifestyle a bit. (Encouraging or making it an act of the law to recycle, reuse, compost, etc.)


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