Response to Round 7: Buddhism in Japan


I do not believe technological advances and economics are the causes of the disconnect between the influence of religion and how land is treated. Humans have the ability to manipulate belief systems in order to relate to present circumstances. For example, one law in Judaism states that one cannot drive on the Sabbath. However, when this law was created, cars did not exist. This demonstrates how humans have extended the original belief system to incorporate current situations. This is true for current ways of treating the land as well. Do to humans’ hunger for wealth and prosperity, technological advances and economics have been transformed into utilitarian ways of viewing and treating the land. These methods are not necessarily how religion originally portrayed them. Throughout history, Christian dominated countries did not impact community development due to their hunger for power.

Placing a lesser focus on economic well-being would allow individuals to focus on what they need and what is available to them in the natural world. It is important for the government, NGOs, and corporations to realize that it may be more beneficial to spend money on healthy environments rather than economic wealth, which may lead to future disappointments in the long run.


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