Response to Prompt 3: Connecting


To answer the first question of if the human race can change the pace of climate change through education, I believe this is definitely possible. From what the most current and reliable research we have thus far we can see that pollution and CO2 gasses produced by our factories, cars, our luxuries, etc  are what is causing climate change. I grew up in a house hold that was always conscious of waste, saving water, preserving electricity and my parents never hesitated to talk about the environmental effects of my presence on this earth. I understand that there are many parents that are not like this, that is why if we made it a topic covered in all classrooms, the future generation of educated children would atleast have some sort of understanding of what causes the issue and in their day to day lives the education that may lie in the backs of their heads may act as a sort of underling guidance when they need to make a decision of whether to have their mom drive them around the corner to school or to just ride their bikes. I think that we do have an intrinsic connection to the earth but that we sometimes want to hide or forget because we either have “more pressing” issues like economical problems or psychological issues. It is not that these issues are necessarily more important but that they are simply more pressing.


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  1. Education is going to be the key in helping fix and prevent the current problems we face with the environment. Incorporating environmental education into everyday classrooms will teach the next generation about our current issues and help prevent them from occurring again. Just like we educate students on the past wars so they don’t happen again, the same should be done for environmental issues. I do disagree with the last part about people turning off their connection with the earth because they have more pressing issues, not more important ones. I think people lose their connection because they feel other things are more important to them, therefore they take more precedent.

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