Response to Buddhism in Japan


I do not think that technological advances or economics have caused a disconnect between the influence of religion and how the land is treated.  I think it’s crucial to note that technology is constantly changing and growing and as new innovations and inventions take precedence, religion will continue to adapt, just as Christians support football and eating shellfish today.  As times change, religion adapts.  I think the reason that Japan’s industry and economy appear to be disconnected from its majority religion is due partly because the incredible lead that Japan has on much of the developed and developing world in relation to technology.  In fact, I think it’s extremely important to point out that Japan does actually do many things to “treat the land” in a more sustainable and green way.  I found a video from CBS that emphasizes the many ways that Japan is leading the world in many “going green” aspects while still leading a comfortable lifestyle.  I think that this is a key way that Japan IS connected to its majority religion as this nation is finding new ways to continue functioning as whole in relation to its industry, economy, technology, and of course, the environment.  Furthermore, I don’t think that if there was less of a focus on the growth of the economy, people would be more in tune with basic survival or the environment.  I think that each nation’s industry can factor in the environment while developing or advancing in order to be (more) sustainable.  Additionally, being sustainable and environmentally friendly will still promote economic growth in the long run.


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