Serena Scott response to prompt:Buddhism and Japan.


I believe that as technological advances and economic prosperity grows more desirable the Buddhist religion will lose its influences. I believe that those that practice Buddhism will still believe in the same basic principles but a majority of that population will want to have a prosperous life. For instance it is like how the percentage of the Christian population believe gays should have equal rights or that it is a woman’s choice of what she does with her body. However there will be the percentage of Buddhist who stays strong to all environmental principles by which Buddhism is based on.

Being environmentally friendly is not always economically efficient, but without a prosperous, well taken care of environment we will not have the necessary resources to sustain a stable economy.  Most technological advances tend to better the environment unless they are made to have planned obsolescence. I do not believe having less focus on economic well-being would benefit how people see environmental issues. People who are poor and have to worry about basic needs do not think about environmental problems, they are just thinking about what they have to do to survive.


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