Round 7 prompt 1 Buddhism in Japan


This is an interesting topic to think about since it contrasts something very old and well practiced, religion, and something new and ever-changing, technology. Personally I believe that the major thing is religion has become accommodating towards current societal changes. In the past religion had power similar to that of modern day governments, while today I would compare the largest religions to large corporations. Thats not to say that I think thats a bad thing but it leads to the idea that, like a company, religion has to persuade you to stay. The fact of the matter is that globalization has lead to the spread and diversification of religion, almost anyone can find a religion that matches their own personal beliefs. To accommodate society religions may go against older practices or teachings in order to stay relevant, or they may simply be transformed by the people that use it.

Westernization could of been a major driving force in changing how religion was practiced. Could we change the effect the economy has? -Well yeah i believe its possible but you would have to start from the bottom up starting at the way a person thinks and the foundations of their worldview. In todays society such a task would be hard to accomplish but over time and changes in education we could see a resurgence in older religious beliefs and a change in environmental mentality.

As of how land ethic may change in other religions I cant think of a specific example but the economy has a very blatant effect on religion. For instance the commercialization of religion such as  mega-churches or the promise of salvation through monetary means. Even though selling salvation isn’t necessarily new it does show how outside forces such as the economy can change the way the religion operates. The same is true of Buddhism and the environment.


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