Round 5, Response to Native Traditions Prompt:


Societies views and norms are constantly changing. Whether fast or slow, I think change is possible in most instances. The trouble is bringing about that change. I think society could acquire Native Americans’ understanding or interconnectedness and by extension gain a greater respect for earth. More and more people may realize this respect is needed soon due to impending crisis with climate change and nuclear meltdowns. However, having society as a whole acquire these beliefs on nature is no simple or quick matter. In my opinion if would take a shift away from consumerism, and early education in appreciating the environment. It would also take an almost transcendental shift, a need to simplify life.


I don’t think a blending of views would fix all are problems. Pollution is already out there and it might affect us years in the future. Also, no matter what societies views are, until people shift from individualism to a collective outlook and interconnectedness wars will keep occurring. There isn’t an easy fix to the problems of the world (especially the one of population) but developing a respect for nature and understanding of interconnectedness is definitely a great start.


I think communities in Western culture really don’t emphasize nature as much as they should, and community is ambiguous, it seems like community could include or dis-include a lot of “groups”. I think growing up my own ethics on the environment developed toward a dislike of consumerism and a pool more to Native American ethics on the environment. (probably since I wanted to grow up to be an Indian chief) I think the only person in my “community” who really influence my ethics on nature was my dad who took me on outdoors trips and encouraged me to be adventurous. The collective community didn’t seem to actually value nature, it was more about technology, consumerism, and other western beliefs.



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