Round 7, Prompt 3: Connecting


I don’t think religion is what connects us to the Earth. Religion was created based off of our ideals so if anything, our connection with the Earth is the biggest factor in religion. There is no way around the idea that we are a part of the Earth and the universe as a whole. Hence, it is clear humans have a deep connection with the Earth. I believe however it is forgotten due to the fast paced life that Thoreau so greatly disapproves of. The distraction of building said railroads, our “success”, leaves us no time to meditate and focus on who we really are and what is important.

Realistically, education alone would have no impact on climate change. Education along with action and improved technology could impact the pace of climate change. Education is the best place to start. Once people understand the basics they can begin to change their actions and help in simple ways to take care of the environment. Nowadays, many people are selfish and don’t care about nature. They are only worried about money and getting ahead. For example, many people who smoke know that throwing a cigarette out of the window is wrong but that doesn’t stop them because they are too lazy to wait and find a trashcan. This is why I believe Hardin’s use of coercion should be applied.  This can be done through the use of carbon taxes and the monetary fines that are already being charged to those who litter. Humans do have a deep connection that has been damaged in a large number of people. Education and coercion are the keys to restoring it. The climate will always change but to keep it in balance, I think humans can learn how to limit drastic changes. Once people know how damaging the effects of pollution are and about technologies such as solar-, hydro-, and wind-power, they will be more willing to implement those new technologies. If they are unwilling due to the fact that they may be considered eye-sores, coercion can begin to play a role. I think that humans have an intrinsic connection with the earth, but because people never learn about the environment it is not strong. The solution to reconnecting people with nature is difficult to create. Considering the stories in one of our previous classes, it is clear that we have all found different reasons as to why we connected with the Earth. 


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