Round 7 Prompt 1: Buddhism in Japan


Religion should not play a part in politics since policies affect everyone in the country and not everyone has the same religion. There are some beliefs that are acceptable to remain subjective such as smoking weed while others should be agreed upon by all like murder. It is those such as murder that must be the main focus of law. Destruction of the environment is one such asset defined by laws since it can cause harm living creatures. Politics and big businesses are corrupted. I do not believe we should place the blame of environmental disconnect on religion.

The bandwagon affect is a major factor in causing the environmental disconnect. Everyone is pressured into making the most money and having the best things. This causes people to give up their free time, in which they could be relaxing in the environment around them, and distracting themselves with a made up artificial “real word” humans have made. Thus, technology and economics do affect the connection humans have with the environment.

In the long run, being environmentally friendly is economically efficient. By buying organic fruit today you won’t be poisoning your body with harmful chemicals that can build up over time. If you do however buy inorganic fruit, you are more likely to get cancer or some other sickness. The medical bills for such a dilemma will prove that buying organic today is the better choice. This is analogy, although on the drastic side, is an example of long term environmental effects. It may be costly to let a field rest in between growing crops but it’ll be more expensive to bring in outside resources. A clear example of why more work at the beginning of a project is worth it is permaculture. Joe said, “Once you get it set up, sit back and reap the benefits.” 


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