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We have built massive barriers of concrete and steel in a vain attempt to separate ourselves from nature. The fact is that we are always going to be an integral part of the processes that keeps earth alive; it is only ignorance that allows people to believe that nature and mankind are separate and that we do not even need nature for our own survival. I personally believe we have a connection with the earth but not in a religious romanticized sense. This does not mean I do not believe that we cannot love the earth, for me it is similar to how we love our homes. I just think our connection with earth is more along the lines of how we fit in the ecological puzzle.

Since we are a part of the processes our actions, as a species and individual, affect the earth, which have led to environmental degradation. We do strongly rely on “education and communication” to enlighten people of their effects on earth but we routinely forget that religion holds significant weight in forming a world view for people. Religion is really just another form of education and another medium for communication. In class we had a reading that went over our effects on water. In the reading there was a short passage about the Ganges River and how traditional education was ineffective at getting the people to realize that the river is polluted. Instead it would be more effective to come from a religious point of view and say that “Ganga is our mother, and our mother is sick” to get people to begin taking care of the polluted river. If we truly want to educate everyone and persuade them to make sweeping changes to their daily lives in an attempt to reduce the rate of climate change we must come to realize the benefits religion has in helping us reach this goal.


To be intrinsic means to belong naturally, to be essential. If we hold onto this definition then yes we do have an intrinsic connection with earth. Can we turn it on and off? No we cannot it always exists no matter how faint or weak the connection may become due to our increasing reliance on technology. We may delude ourselves into believing we are separate from nature and earth we may even believe we no longer need nature. However we will always be connected with the earth, it is not something you can just turn on and off it is always on, and the sooner we come to realize that the sooner we can begin to start fixing our mistakes.




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  1. I agree that religion is a form of education and communication. I feel that if every religion had strong beliefs for environmental stewardship, we would be living in a very different world than we are today. If this was apparent in every religion, no matter how many different religions we had throughout the world people would have a greater intrinsic value for the earth.
    Since not everyone has equal access to being educated, and not everyone has the same incentives to care for resources and our surroundings, it will most likely continue to be difficult to help people understand the importance of stewardship. Like you said, our disconnect with the environment may be caused by our increasing reliance on technology (and especially efficiency). I think that once the general public (not just economists and the like) can accept that economic growth, efficiency, and technological growth are not always environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly decisions aren’t always in favor of our preferences, we could possibly make less of our decisions based on what will solely benefit us, and focus them more on what makes sense and is right for the survival of us and our surroundings.

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