Response to Prompt 3 Justice


In some sense I do agree with Peter Wenz in his regard of environmental racism where we are placing our burden of waste on the poor. But I feel the argument is not just stemmed from the rich abusing the poor or minority by placing their waste on them, but instead is more related to fallout from our way of thinking. Normally homes near toxic waste or dumps are sold at cheaper prices and normally this means those of a lower socioeconomic background can afford to live there. It’s a systematic setup where the poor are stuck with dealing with waste simply because the system is built that way. When we take a closer look of how these communities are setup most of the people that reside in these communities either deal with waste management or can’t afford to live in an area away from the waste.

People choose to live a life of bliss and don’t think twice when they throw something away about where it ends up. The socioeconomic structure of our culture is built in a way that keeps the poor in these types of areas, not because they’re poor but because it’s the affordable living that we offer to those of lower socioeconomic backgrounds. When we apply this knowledge abroad we see system of governments that have a lower GDP ‘s making profit from renting their lots of land to put waste in and it serves as their income.  Waste to the poor serves as both their destruction and their means of life. If we want to change we must change our way of thinking and all share the load of our waste instead of creating a system where the poor have no choice but to live with waste since it’s what they can afford. 


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