week 5, Question 1 Serena Scott


1: Anti-Environmental

After reading the article by Michael Berliner the view point may seem pretty severe, however there are groups of people in the world who truly believe much of that article is true. Below is a link to a video called “If I wanted America to Fail”. The video is solely about how the environmental movement would completely destroy the US economy, similar to what Berliner alluded to when he suggested that environmentalism is anti-industry. The man in the video describes environmental policy as a “economic suicide pact”. Berliner brings up a good point the intrinsic value is not the same for everybody, so can that be used as a solid argument to make decisions?Do you think that a more eco-friendly government will lead to an economic downturn? Should we guilt Americans to pay more for fossil fuel energy so that they may rely more on renewable resources? Can the globe run on “wind power and wishes” or will humans be reliant on fossil fuels until the are no longer available? Is it possible to find a middle ground that satisfies both parties in terms of economic and governmental policy?


I believe that intrinsic value can be given to any object, even those with a price tag. Intrinsic value is going to change from person to person, but it never changes the market value. Therefore I believe Berliners argument is flawed, I believe this because he is arguing in favor of the free market.  Intrinsic value can be given to materials in the free market, for instance someone may say a coal plant is worth more than a fracking site. Just because someone might view something as having more value does not mean it does not have set market value.


I do not believe eco-friendly government will lead to an economic downturn. I believe in the long run it will have the complete opposite effect. For instance, Sweden is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world and it has a growing stable economy. The economy may hurt at first, but only if the laws and regulations aren’t done gradually. I believe it isn’t guilting them, it is well known that fossil fuels aren’t renewable and are finite. It is important that we start to move towards more cleaner and renewable energy sources. This is where the eco-friendly government would come in. There would be alternatives and therefor those who would want gas-powered cars would be the ones who could afford it; it would be considered a luxury. If our government doesn’t take charge, I do believe we will be dependent on fossil fuels until they run out. The fossil fuel companies control a majority of the world markets and many of the politicians. It is completely possible to find a middle ground between economic and government policies. The parties would have to make compromises and sacrifices, but it is completely possible.


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  1. I completely agree with your belief that intrinsic value can be assigned to anything because it is valued differently by everyone. In addition, market values remain the same no matter what the intrinsic value of an object or service is to a person. For this reason, scientists are continuously trying to determine values for ecosystem services, including fresh water, natural cycles, and natural resources. By assigning a value to these ecosystem services, we are incorporating them into the economy so that environmental focus does not lead to environmental downfall. I also agree with the idea of finding new forms of energy, such as wind power and solar energy, as long as the government finds a way to make it affordable to the public. This will then lead to effective policy-making that focuses on helping the environment, but does not disregard economic concerns.

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