Response to Week 5 Prompt 3: Justice


          Peter Wentz brings up an incredibly important issue in the environmental world, environmental justice. He frames the issue of environmental justice in environmental racism, the idea that the consequences of environmental degradation are focused on minority communities. I believe that environmental degradation is not focused on minorities but instead on people that are of lower socioeconomic standing. The people who live in more polluted areas generally cannot afford to move to environmentally cleaner areas and remain in the polluted environment. Furthermore, when companies are attempting to make the largest profit that they can, they will allocate waste to the communities that do not have the resources to fight the pollution that is being poured in by these large corporations.

            Moreover, I believe that it is incredibly unethical for the United States and other developed countries to export their waste to the poorer countries in the Global South. The countries in the Global North that create the waste through consumption and irresponsible environmental practices need to take responsibility for the problem that they have created. In my opinion, it should be against international law for countries in the Global North to pay less developed countries to take their waste. A part of a true environmental ethic is acknowledging and taking responsibility for the environmental degradation that one causes. By keeping waste within the borders of the country that the waste is created, the creators of the waste then can see the damage that is being done by the waste and avoid a huge injustice by not paying poorer countries to take the waste. 


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