Response to Week 5, Prompt 1: Anti-Environmental


I absolutely do not think that a more ecofriendly government will result in an economic downturn; in fact, I think quite the contrary.  While yes, perhaps a sudden change to dramatically focus on the environment in our day to day business, technological, and personal lives may arouse a large initial cost to start “going green,” but in the end I believe that so much more good and potentially profit could result.  I think that the video we watched in class about moving farms to the tops of buildings and having water permeable roads is something to be admired, for two reasons: 1. Look at how far we have come as a society in order to make such extravagant technological advances to even do these types of things. And 2. Look at how incredibly possible it is for us to use this ever changing new technology for the benefit for not only us, BUT the environment as well.  There’s no reason we should utilize this capability, even if there is an initial cost.  Often times those things you invest most in, are those with the greatest return.  As far as trying to make Americans feel guilty about using fossil fuel energy, I don’t think that’s necessary.  I think that there will either be no more for us to rely on and we will actively have to change the resources we use and how we use them, or our technology will continue to change and grow so that we will develop something that makes relying on fossil fuels arbitrary.  I feel that we have already found this middle ground between economic and governmental policy.  The market for products from “sustainable” and “going green” companies is growing at a huge rate.  Most American consumers today purchase products from more environmentally friendly companies when they have a choice, even if that product is the more expensive one.  This very clearly demonstrates that the average American does want to help the environment, even at a “price.”


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  1. I completely agree with you, I believe that a greener government can, and would create an increase in the economic growth, and have that growth be more sustainable. When you talk about “going green” arousing a large initial economic cost – well, I believe that this must to be seen as a cost, but as an investment, just like the investments in infrastructure of the past. Going green must be seen as building the highway system was on its day, or laying all the railroad tracks that helped create America. There is an initial cost, but the cost of not doing it would be so much greater.

    I also agree that trying to guilt Americans might not be necessary, but I do think that a change in attitudes is needed. This can be achieved to incentives much more easily than with punishments. A carrot is usually better than a stick.

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