Response to Prompt 1, Week 5: Anti-Environmental


                The idea that a shift in policy towards a more pro-environment approach would lead to economic downfall is prominent in developed countries. Berliner supports the belief that environmentalists completely disregard human interests and seek to sacrifice human needs and desires to help the environment. I agree with the prompt in the awareness that there are individuals in this world who truly believe environmentalism supports this.

As an environmentalist myself, I disagree with Berliner because I believe that technology and continued advancement in countries can unite with ecofriendly approaches to achieve effective policy. What many people do not realize is that saving energy and adopting environmentally friendly practices is actually more economically feasible. The role of sustainable education therefore sets out to teach this notion. The world has the capacity to rely on wind power, solar energy, and other forms of energy rather than the burning of fossil fuels, which results in much of the global warming in our atmosphere. As these other forms of energy become cheaper and easier to obtain, they will take the place of coal (the leading form of energy in our nation currently). Coal will always be there as a backup in case we can no longer afford other forms of energy. Nevertheless, a consensus between economic and environmentally friendly policy can always be obtained so that neither sector suffers.


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  1. The point of me being an ‘environmentalist’ is not because I am anti-human, it is because I love humanity so much that I will dedicate my life to creating healthy and safe environment in which we can be viable and evolve as a species! This I believe goes against the notion that being more environmentally sound with business practices will lead to an economic downturn. I agree that by diversifying energy resources by turning to wind and solar will stimulate the economy. The next step for developed nations is to go from an industrial to a service economy. Perhaps, by allowing energy costs to reduce, (No mining, drilling, exporting, or remediating) the time humans put into their job can be more efficient and then there would be more time to enjoy the time with family and friends and exploring the world and learning from it, which is the true way of raising quality of life.

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