Response to Week 5, Prompt : Native Traditions


The Native Americans beliefs and traditions are very important mentality to have in regards to nature. Long before the British came over, Native Americans were living off the land and appreciating what Mother Nature had to offer them. The natives didn’t take advantage of the land and “thanked” Mother Nature every time they took something from her. This dynamic is very important to have. It is important to work with the land and not abuse it; everything on this world is interconnected. I think acquiring beliefs that McGaa spoke about in his essay are possible in today’s society through education. If people don’t know about the environment or how to respect it with out abusing it then how can you blame them for harming it if they didn’t know better? That is why I think education is the first step in teaching people about the environment, which would then lead to harboring a belief system like McGaa’s.

In today’s society, the community’s view of nature plays a strong role in influencing our values and ethics towards nature. One’s values and ethics are influenced by what is around them, whether it is positive or negative. For example, many of us have values and ethics that are similar to our parents because they are the ones who raised us and influenced us. The same is seen in society; many people have similar views as they do with people in the surrounding areas. 



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