Response to Promp 2 Native Traditions


I believe the values held by the Native American we’re very special and evolved as well.  I Particularly enjoy the last element you mentioned, “a set of rules of duty and standards of character.” I believe this is the most important of all as well as having morals in relation to the health of nature. However, although these are such beautiful visions I do not think they will ever be possible in this day and age. I am one of those people that has not a shred of hope for humanity in regards to the environment. I believe our population has exploded to the point at which there is no way to reverse our way of living and the ecological damage we have inflicted. I think people could become enlightened by these ideas and moved by them, but I do not think people are willing to sacrifice their comfortable ways of living mentally and physically. People are so caught up in their own illusion, their own way of staying huddled in a hole of happiness and blinded by the media. So how can you awake someone from a dream that is eternally comfortable, especially if they don’t wish to be awoken from it? We were born into this world, when it was already on its road to destruction. With how large the population is, how do we expect people to drastically alter their lives when they have been so content? Our community’s view on nature is always influencing us in many ways. Some views revolve around “evolving” with technology and genetic crops, and others around starting from square A and reaching back towards older ways of living where the environment was safer from our negative influence. 


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  1. I agree with you that we do face a serious dilemma due to the fact that we have become much too comfortable with our current lifestyles to change our current policies or revert back to more primitive and sustainable ways of living. I believe that too much contentment will only lead our ecosystem to its final breaking point and that while reverting back to “older ways of living” may be almost unthinkable to many, we should at least consider trying to cut out some of the unnecessary waste that we create as a result of our lavish lifestyles.

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