Week 4 Prompt: Climate Deniers and the Case Against Environmentalism


Climate deniers are everywhere. From the marble halls of Capitol Hill to the radio waves (…Rush Limbaugh) they hold powerful positions in politics and the media. Many believe that environmentalism is a value that is exclusive to the liberal left wing. Many politicians do not take environmentalists’ case for climate action seriously because they are concerned with the partisan repercussions of such actions. Many climate deniers argue that increased environmental regulation to improve air and water conditions will lead to slowed economic growth. In the Ayn Rand Institute piece, this argument is hi-lighted. Therefore, they choose to deny the scientific evidence supporting the argument that climate change is real and, at the very least, influenced by mankind.


In recent history, environmental issues have been championed by the Democratic Party and rejected from the Republican platform time and time again on the basis that it would lead to increased government control over industry. When hurricanes strengthen over warmer waters, they will not discriminate between Democrats and Republicans once they reach the coast. Do you think that these concerns of increased environmental regulations reducing job creation and inhibiting economic growth in the U.S. are legitimate? Must we choose between the environment and the economy or can these entities have a symbiotic relationship? Furthermore, what do you think caused the extreme partisanship on a scientific issue? 


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