Blog Prompt-Anti Environmentalism


After reading the article by Michael Berliner the view point may seem pretty severe, however there are groups of people in the world who truly believe much of that article is true. Below is a link to a video called “If I wanted America to Fail”. The video is solely about how the environmental movement would completely destroy the US economy, similar to what Berliner alluded to when he suggested that environmentalism is anti-industry. The man in the video describes environmental policy as a “economic suicide pact”. Berliner brings up a good point the intrinsic value is not the same for everybody so can that be used as a solid argument to make decisions? 

Do you think that a more eco-friendly government will lead to a economic downturn? Should we guilt Americans to pay more for fossil fuel energy so that they may rely more on renewable resources? Can the globe run on “wind power and wishes” or will humans be reliant on fossil fuels until the are no longer available? Is it possible to find a middle ground that satisfies both parties in terms of economic and governmental policy?



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