Week 4


I believe that human innovation will guide how we work with the Earth and how we impact the natural world, in accordance with our expansions in the technological field.  As the dominant species on Earth, humans are the beings with the biggest impact on the landscape and environment, with a direct and long term impact on our well being.  With developing technology, we attempt to integrate it all into our “natural” Earth with what I believe is a lot of success and minimal impact.  The Buddhist belief that we are at one with the universe was developed long before the technologies of today, as well as the Taoist belief of oneness with nature, and to fully grasp those concepts with the advancements in today’s technology one must be able to differentiate between using and integrating technology.  Integration involves using technology to better the world around us while bettering our lives.  In relation to Aquinas’ belief on animal testing, I believe that while it may be an effective tool to test animals it is not ethical to subject them to painful and harmful chemicals that can potentially kill them.  The Earth will not be able to heal itself, it is our responsibility as humans to make sure that we leave the Earth better than we found it.  Technological advances will help with this, but the toxic waste levels and rising Greenhouse gasses are not helping the cause.  As technology further develops, I believe that there will be stronger and better advances with the Earth and the global climate. 


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  1. I also believe that we are in a middle ground in terms of technological advancements. I know that there are technologies available to alleviate the environmental impacts humans are having, however I believe those technologies will become even more advanced. The issue is implementing those technologies in a constructive way. Animal testing has always been an ethical issue. it is difficult to decide whether the issues over testing is worth the advancements that we are able to make due to their practice. If we did not test on aniamls we may have to test on humans or not produce very helpful medicines. Also, if a rat was created solely for the purpose of testing, is it unethical to test on it considering that you created it?

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