Week 4, Prompt 3: Humans vs. Nature


I think that since humans evolved from the same ancestors as every other creature on the planet, we are part of it and, thus, nature. Just because we can communicate with each other and we have the power to dominate other species does not mean we are above nature. Our innovation is a part of us, therefore it is also a part of nature. Think about other creatures who use tools and make shelters. Are beaver dams unnatural? Are bird nests? Of course not. Our innovations and creations are just as much a part of nature as any other animal’s; the only difference is that ours dominate others in a harmful way.

Animal testing is unjust regardless of how you think about it. As stated above, we are not above them. What if another species ended up on top and they used us for experiments? Most people would agree that would be ethically wrong. Animal testing is not always effective, either. While many species have similar genetic compositions, none of them are exact, so we do not really know how a product will affect a human.

I think that the Earth has the capacity to heal itself, provided we do not destroy it first. This will also take an unfathomable amount of time. For example, the half-life of Plutonium, a by-product of nuclear fission used in power plants, is 27,000 years. There is no frame of reference that would allow someone who will live for probably around 80 years to wrap his or her head around 24,000 years. Do we really want to condemn our planet for thousands of years? Does it matter whether or not the Earth can heal itself after this point?


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  1. You literally have the same values that I do. I have always been deemed a “hippy” or crazy environmentalist when I say that I don’t think animals are subordinate to us. What you said about other animals and their use of tools really does relate to humans and our use of tools. Just because we have made use of tools doesn’t mean we are the only ones, and most definitely doesn’t make us superior to animals because of it. Speaking of, a lot of the tools we have made are made of animals, so if anything we should respect nature even more because of it. I also really enjoyed what you said about animal testing and if we were met with a superior species. It is very interesting to think that humans would think it unjust if a superior species were to test things on us when we do it to innocent animals everyday.

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