Round 3 Blog, Response to Prompt 1 on Biodiversity


In my opinion we are not moving in the right direction with the biodiversity issue. We are trying to fix issues that will be forever an issue unless we change the root of the issue; or in some cases they may even be inevitable. This issue reminds me of an overprotective mother homeschooling her child and shielding her child from the bad parts of humanity. It’s useless. How will the child thrive once he/she is older and now has to live on its own and face the realities of life?! In today’s efforts we are trying to preserve more than conserve. We create perfect habitats for wildlife to thrive so their population doesn’t die out and become extinct. The sound of this is great but what is the point…?If they can’t thrive in wildlife maybe they are ment to be extinct? Or maybe we are doing something so harmful that we need to change something about the environment so that they can thrive without our overly protected areas that seem to do nothing for the species. I think we need to look at the species not able to survive and question why that is. If it something that we can change or help by causing less pollution or not allowing as much human interaction in a particular area in order for the species to survive, we need to make every effort to make that happen. But if the measures are too extreme, for example if no humans could inhibit the state of Florida in order to protect the Florida Alligator; I think that it would be time for the Florida Alligator to be extinct. Humans are a species and a dominant species currently! We need the state of Florida just as much as the Florida Alligator does. Although, as a current rule of thumb I think we need to stop being so careless and using our resources so frivolously. We are a greedy species and I think if we make our impact on Earth as a whole a lot smaller and less impactful I think issues with endangered species and biodiversity will not be as pressing of an issue.


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