Response to Prompt 1: Biodiveristy


I do not believe that humans are practicing biodiversity preservation in a way that is intensely effective. Many people understand the benefits of biodiversity but they do not know to what extent it is crucial for human survival. Even with the knowledge, there is still deforestation and suburban development happening to an extreme extent.  There has been improvement in the education of importance of biodiversity and ways to counteract loss. However these practices are being implemented on a large enough scale. The rate of extinction is extraordinary and more species are becoming endangered every hour.

Some people believe that survival of the fittest is taking over, however the changes that humans are creating are happening too quickly. Evolution takes time over generations, thousands if not millions of years, and yet people are surprised when animals are not able to adapt to changes over decades. Animals, such as the sea turtles from the article, have been programmed to do the same things that there ancestors did because that is how they have repopulated in the past. Now these sudden changes occur and rather than being able to slowly adapt, they die out entirely. This is not because those animals are less smart or fit, it is because their surrounding changed so drastically that it is no longer able to sustain their lifestyle. One major example is climate change, which is causing animals to migrate to higher altitudes or latitudes. However, the resources they need may not be present in the new environment. An increase in temperature has never happened this rapidly and ecosystems are not able to adjust. All things are interconnected and when one part changes or dies out, it can have a substantial effect on all of the other parts in the ecosystem.


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  1. I agree with you completely on the fact that the changes humans have been enacting around the world are accelerating the rate of extinctions dramatically and it is not because other organisms are less fit for survival.We are pretty much single-handedly orchestrating the demise of biodiversity. There’s a video I watched where the albatross nesting grounds in Midway island are turning into death beds for thousands of albatross that have consumed far too many human waste products like plastic bottle caps. What will happen to the global ecosystem if the albatross disappears?

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