Prompt: Biodiversity


It is fairly easy to argue that biodiversity is essential to life. Inter-species relationships support the well-being of entire eco-systems, which in turn support populations of other animals, plants, and humans. Nevertheless, the approach to maintain healthy, thriving biodiversity on Earth is not quite something that is unanimously agreed upon.

When put up against the timeline of the universe (or even the Planet Earth) new species come into being and go out to extinction in no time at all. If all life on the planet suddenly stopped evolving, it would have catastrophic consequences. It is also without a doubt that  humans are responsible for the extension of hundreds of species of animals. Thankfully, large strides are being made to slow down and eventually prevent this entirely. However, are we moving in the right direction? Are our current methods of preserving and/or conserving biodiversity effective, or are they halting the time-honored tradition of natural selection?


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  1. Biodiversity has been a fundamental aspect of evolution and the ecosystem. Many of the recent extinctions that the planet has experienced can be attributed to human actions. Therefore I believe that we are required to attempt to undo the damages we have caused or at least try to slow down the rate of extinctions. Organisms are unable to evolve or even adapt to many of the damages humans have cause on the ecosystems. For example when DDT was common in the industries throughout the world it poisoned birds resulting in weaker eggs and bone structure. How is something supposed to evolve in that kind of environment? I think we need to take responsibility for the destruction we’ve caused and do right by our planet. If we do nothing then we are sealing our own extinction.

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