Week 2 Response to Prompt 3: Romanticism


The real obstacle that arises is not necessarily whether or not humans can find a middle ground between to the two extremes, anthropocentrism and environmental romanticism; it’s the elimination of both ideologies.

Anthropocentrism seems to be an inherent instinct to insure the survival of our species. Anthropocentrism is basically the belief that humans are the most important species and are vastly superior to all others. There is no consideration of the welfare of other species there is only consideration of how those species best suit our needs. The Anthropocentric ideology seems to be natural: our survival as a species should be put before that of the rest. It is a blatant fact that humans are superior to animals, I’m not supporting anthropocentrism, but let’s face it we are not on the same level as the other animals in the animal kingdom, we are superior. This can be attributed to whatever you want it can be our sentience, consciousness, or moral code; I however attribute it to our intelligence which has allowed us to create technological wonders, which furthers the view that we are superior. Technology has now become a vital part of life around the world. It has allowed us to far surpass our physical bounds and it is technology that will continue to push us forward and is the ultimate solution to saving the environment.

Environmental Romanticism on the other hand believes that it is technology that got us in this mess and that we must forsake our technological wonders and become retuned with nature and live in harmony with the environment. Romanticists are correct in the fact that technology has gotten us in this current environmental quagmire we find ourselves in. The main reason we are in an environmental quagmire can be attributed to our explosive population rate, higher population equals more consumption of resources. The only reason our population increase has gone unchecked can be attributed directly to technological innovations; first came the agricultural revolution and then came the invention of modern medicine. The two main things that keep a species population in check, food and disease, were left shattered by our technological advances. It is believed with further technological innovation the higher the population will be therefore increasing our negative effects on the environment.

Both ideologies hold truth but there is no way that the environment can survive with just these ideologies. We must come to realize as a whole species that we may be superior to other creatures but we will never be capable of maintaining our own existence without them and the ecology that arises from their interactions. And that technology is here to stay and that it is most likely our best bet for saving the environment.


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