Response to Prompt 2 Environmental Democracy


Observing the political system we live in and the process of obtaining a position in office shows us that there are many flaws to this system. Implementing a new policy in our country is near to impossible to pass within the time that you’re in office. Positions are held for short periods in order to prevent abuse of power by those that hold positions, but this comes with an expense when it comes to the efficiency of implementing Policy. When Obama came into office his platform was filled with promises and changes that he was ready to implement, but he soon realized that some of these promises would be met with negation. Our system is built in such a way to prevent any one person to rise to supreme power. Implementing policy must satisfy the needs of the many and not the few. Environmental policy falls short when we look at it in a business standpoint; this country is built under capitalist ideals. Making the most profit with as little of expense as possible. My belief is that in order for us move forward and to implement such policies that may be contradictory to others would be to uproot our political system. But this comes with a great cost to freedoms and it would lead to a system where the interests of the many are no longer represented. I agree with Obama on his stance that though it may not be easy, we have made some progress in be more environmental friendly. But if we expect to make greater changes it would mean to adopt a more radical way of thinking, the capitalist system is not compatible with such policies as environmental policy.


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  1. In order to have real environmental policy within the democratic system, I think peoples ideals need to change. However, that is something that would take time and real change, and would also inherently change capitalism by altering what we value.

    There might be a couple ways to temporarily promote environmental causes within capitalism. The Green Movement is doing this-promoting energy efficiency and “natural products”. Also limiting carbon emission by taxes and caps would make the environment “fit” into capitalism. Another method would be to make the government completely transparent and accountable when policy makers “cave” to lobbyists and do things they know will harm the environment. There is some progress within our system, and there could be more if “the people” change.

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