Week 2 Prompt 2


Rome was not built in a day, and those who believe that progress can be made instantly are as insane as the radicals who are pushing legislation through without the forethought of long-term work for long-term progress.  The strides being made by the Obama administration are for the betterment of the environment and of the goals Obama came into office with, many of them are being completed, or have been completed to Presidential standards.  From Obama’s first term he was able to pass seven of ten of his environmental priorities and partially pass another.  These included one of my favorites and what I believe to be the most pressing issue, ecofriendly cars.  Legislation was passed to double the mileage per gallon on cars by 2025 and prevent bankruptcy on domestic car companies to produce fuel-efficient cars with a standard of 30 miles per gallon or better.  While these are not enormous leaps, such as eliminating cars that run on gasoline from driving on the road, I firmly believe that this progress will lay the groundwork for future advances such as completely electric cars (The Howard, anyone?) and other advancements that are more sustainable.  Those who want to complain about a lack of progress need to acknowledge that there are other responsibilities of us citizens.  We cannot focus our energy (pun intended) into sustainability and ignore the other social and political issues that we are facing and not expect there to be consequences.  President Obama has had one term to make large strides on the environment and in his second term I expect him to make more advancements on the environmental issues that he has set out to accomplish.  As previously stated, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I don’t expect progress to be made immediately, but over the course of time coinciding with technological advancements. Image


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The environmental issues we are facing have been developing for many years. It will take more then a few terms to make huge strides and impact the damage that has been done. Like you stated, Obama has done seven of his ten environmental priorities last term. I am excited to see what he will do in one more term. Hopefully in future terms, the ground work will be laid for future generations of governmental officials to build upon.

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