Response to Week 2: Prompt 2


I will preface this by saying that I am very “black and gray,” “numbers” kind of person therefore it may be hard for someone with a contrasting type of personality to relate to my view. An institutional makeover could ruin our country. The racialist who feels we need political reform that will completely uproot everything we have done to make our country great comes off to me as selfish. As a country we do need to take better care of our earth. We need to take moral responsibility in respecting the earth. Which means taking our part in doing all that we can to conserve and preserve resources, live in moderation, and be aware of environmental issues.  I  am a business major therefore my thought process and view I take on different issues represents that population of people in our country. We as a country are in “big trouble” we are over 16 trillion dollars in national debt as of September 9th!! 16 Trillion!! If we can’t manage and support ourselves as a country then we wont be able to FREELY enjoy the natural beauties of our county. So yes, I do think Obama is making as much progress that could be made when we have such a crisis at hand. The radical belief just isn’t practical right now..I’m sorry. I am a huge advocate for the environment. I don’t run the dishwasher if it isn’t full, I carry my Nalgene bottle everywhere and rarely use plastic bags (unless I have too). I think that we have the responsibility to take care of our earth and make sure that the place we live in stays beautiful and healthy but, how are we to enjoy these things freely if we risk imperialism. How awful would that be? We simply fall too far into debt that we are taken over by another country!! Now that we are owned by another country we have to take on their rights as a country which may or may not include rights to travel to the west and witness the Grand Canyon or up to New York and see the Niagara Falls. I agree and I feel the pain of the environmentalist.. it’s sickening to see our natural resources are becoming less and less, but we need to stall this concern for a little while longer while we pursue the issue that could question our independence. I make the analogy to the common student during exam week you may eat bad, not exercise, not drink enough fluids and you run yourself down. But you know by the end of the week when you get the A in the class it will be all worth it. It’s not worth it to you to spend two hours in the gym versus two hours in the library. It’s not good to run yourself that much but you know that it is only temporary that after the week is over you can maintain health again. Like the environment we need to just skip the gym and eat the candy bar a little more so we can fix this economy, and then fix the less pressing issues later.




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